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O’Lady of the Volta


I found this small post very intriguing. It is from a tumblr blog named africanprodigy. Her blog “Tears of an Immigrant” briefly describesa picture taken at a funeral at Analoga, in the Volta Region of Ghana. Kudos to the young photographer who was able to capture such a profound picture. For me, I see the grief in this woman’s expression. But I also  see contemplation. Not in the sense of thinking or rationalization but the process of theosis and reverence. I have experienced death in the past month and I know death brings one to a place of humbleness and an overall appreciation of live. Although you are sometimes filled with sorrow, you also sometime find yourself in a contemplative state where you find harmony with your mind and your heart in a way where you find peace–even if for a moment. One last thing I see in this photo is longevity. I pray that in my life I see old age, but also that I have the wisdom and strength with it. For myself, I understand the idea of “Tears of an Immigrant”, but I would like to change tears of sorrow into tears of joy.