Dannielle… but people call me Elle. African and American aka Sierra Leonean and African American etc. Jersey Girl from head to toe. Only child. Born in the Camden now living in New Brunswick, but I’m already looking for the next city to explore. I love college.. Of course it gets boring, tedious, and a little petty sometimes, but you only live it once! I’m 21 years young. Aspiring Public Policy and French cultural studies double major. Community Development, Real Estate, and Urban Planning certified candidate. I’m a girl who loves love, but hates the feelings it sometimes brings. my loves ♥ my family. fashion. boys. sleep. photos. hair[natural]. french culture. books. bangles. studs. love. sneakers. sports. springtime. vintage. living green. food. food. food. bestfriends. clubs and lounges. wines. my combat boots. comfy grandma made sweaters. cheeses. fruits. smores. movies. hulu. pizza. my blackberry and iphone. blogging. I’m living on a tightrope, but I look forward to placing my feet on solid ground… I just hope my page reflects that.


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