Who said “Capitalism is great”???

 Mr. Monopoly. A man who almost every person in the United States has seen. Many of us have played this game in many forms. Stripping your friends or family of their wealth and making them mortgage their property was fun right? Little did we know, at 8 & 9 years of age this game has deceived us to believe that stepping on the toes of others isn’t so bad. Well maybe in a game it is not atrocious, but when you translate those actions to reality then we have a serious quandary.

In America, we have recently been able to see the effects of capitalism and greed. We have seen how our economic system’s public and private companies and their interests strip Americans from their homes, their jobs, and–for some– their life savings. While unfamiliar for many Americans,  the effects of capitalism are not so anomalous for people in underdeveloped countries.

Keeping It Simple‘s post named Capital, Communism and Africa says simply, “that the effects of global capitalism have been negative on the African continent. Global capitalism has been bad for most of the world. Only small groups of people have benefited from it, at the expense of the masses.”  This has proved true. In this current recession how many millions of people were effected by a couple thousand bad decision makers on Wall Street. 

Because of Africa’s prolonged stagnation and that they are virtually blockaded from entering the world market, they are being taken for a ride on this global capital movement which is seemingly heading towards a treacherous end. So I ask again. Who said that capitalism is great? We may have evolves slightly from the days of Rockerfeller, Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan. However, we still have a long ways to go.





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