Freetown, Sierra Leone

My roots. My far removed history that I am trying to reclaim. It is important to know your history. Not to perpetuate the abhorrent practice of ethnocentrism, but to know  from where your ancestors came. It teaches one to be grateful as well as to understand the struggles and or blessings in your family history.


2 responses to “Freetown, Sierra Leone

  1. Wishing you well on the journey of self-discovery! By the way, I haven’t visited Asia yet, as a Canadian-born. I’ve been around for past few decades…:)

    I guess my stronger affiliation is with the history of the Chinese-Canadians who have helped build Canada over the past 125 yrs.

    But for yourself, have you met up with anyone whose relatives come from Sierra Leone?

    • I actually know several Sierra Leonean families here in America. That’s the funny thing about Africans– they tend to find each other and congregate. Unfortunately most of the families have childen my age (give or take 5 years) who also haven’t been “back home”. Most of the adults plan to go back to retire. I, myself plan to go there within the next year. I really feel it is important to know and experience your family history, so that is what I hope to do.

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